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Sedge warbler (Image: P. Buchner)Bluethroat (Image: Thaler)Little bittern (Image: P. Buchner)Snipe (Image: P. Buchner)Marsh harrier (Image: A. Ausobsky)

Winter visitors

Ggreat white egret

Until a few years ago the great white egret was an extremely rare visitor in Salzburg. But populations in eastern Europe have been increasing steadily for some time, with the result that these lovely white herons are now regularly seen here. Their nearest breeding ground – the only one in Austria – is around the Neusiedlersee. In the winter months it is often possible to see up to 20 great white egrets in the Weidmoos.

Hen harrier

Hen harriers breed in large areas of open moorland. They have become very rare in central Europe. The hen harriers which breed in northern Europe move in autumn to more southerly wintering grounds. In late winter hen harriers can often be seen in the Weidmoos.

Great grey shrike

The great grey shrike, being nearly the size of a blackbird, is the largest of the shrikes. It used to be relatively common, but intensified farming has driven it out of many areas. Unlike other shrikes, it is a partial migrant – only the birds from the more northerly breeding grounds fly south in winter, while others overwinter in their breeding places. In winter a few individuals arrive in the Weidmoos (from October) to overwinter here.

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(c) R. Hofrichter
Great white egret ...



(c) P. Buchner
Great grey shrike ...