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Sedge warbler (Image: P. Buchner)Bluethroat (Image: Thaler)Little bittern (Image: P. Buchner)Snipe (Image: P. Buchner)Marsh harrier (Image: A. Ausobsky)

A habitat for birds

Since the end of peat mining the Weidmoos has become an important habitat for birds. Stretches of standing water, reed-beds, clumps of willow and areas which are almost without vegetation now form a mosaic-like landscape which provides a perfect environment for a range of rare birds.

The Weidmoos is, for example, home to one of the largest populations of the white-spotted bluethroat in Europe. Marsh harriers hunt over the large reed-beds, rare waders and water birds such as snipe and spotted crakes raise their young here. For many migrating birds the Weidmoos has become an important resting place. More than 150 bird species have so far been identified, including some whose existence in Europe is endangered. Because of this the Weidmoos was in 2001 designated an EU bird reserve and became part of the European network of reserves Natura 2000.

On the following pages you will find descriptions of some of the bird species which are typical of the Weidmoos. A complete list of all the birds so far identified in the Weidmoos can be downloaded as a pdf file.

Download > Complete list of all birds recorded in the Weidmoos.


(c) P. Buchner
An ideal resting place for migrating birds ...