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Habitat management

Dam construction works

In order to maintain the quality of the habitat in the long term for the benefit of the bird species found in the Weidmoos, it was necessary to change some of the features which have predominated since the end of peat cutting so that an open landscape interspersed with standing water and wetlands can be preserved for the future. The principal way in which this was achieved was through the construction of dams. By building dams - some of them incorporating adjustable barriers - new areas of standing water were created and the irrigation of large areas of the Weidmoos was increased.


Along the banks of existing and newly created areas of standing water small-scale landscaping works were carried out to create optimal environmental conditions for the birds found here.

Ongoing maintenance

In order to maintain the quality of the Weidmoos bird habitats in the long term, regular maintenance measures will need to be put in place alongside the dam construction and landscaping works. The following regular work was planned, tried out and optimised:

  • Vegetation-free areas will be created on a regular basis, using the tracked excavators originally used in peat cutting. Areas of sparse or no vegetation are particularly important for the bluethroats, and the aim is to continue preventing these areas from becoming overgrown.
  • Maintenance of the wetland meadows and reed-beds. Regular mowing is necessary to prevent the wetland meadows and reed-beds becoming overgrown. Mowing will be carried out with special regard for conditions in the Weidmoos and the needs of the bird species found here.
  • Tree and scrub management. Although the presence of trees and shrubs is crucially important for many of the bird species found in the Weidmoos, individual trees or groups of shrubs that become too large could have a negative influence on the quality of the bird habitat. Therefore regular cutting down of individual trees and bushes will be carried out.



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Clay is used for the dam construction work ...

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Re-irrigation of the Weidmoos ...