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Facilities for visitors

Guidance and information for visitors

After the conservation of bird habitats, the second aim of the LIFE project was to make the Weidmoos visitor-friendly. To this end, it was made possible – in the southern part of the Weidmoos – to visit the area without disturbing the bird habitats. In the meant time the Weidmoos has become a well known attraction for nature loving visitors.

A new themed footpath invites you to learn about a unique bird world and about the variety of bird habitats. The visitor is informed as to the creation and ecology of the Weidmoos over the 1.5km path, as well as the history of peat extraction, the bird species which are characteristic of the Weidmoos and Natura 2000. The highlights of the themed footpath are the “bird observation hides”, the bog platform and the peat cutting site.

A 12-metre-high viewing tower offers impressive views over the Weidmoos and also excellent bird-spotting opportunities. With the appropriate equipment (field glasses, spotting scope) it is possible to observe both popular bird species and, with a bit of patience, rarities such as the Little Bittern or various wading birds.

As part of the LIFE project, a former peat-workers’ hut was converted into an information centre. The information centre now houses an exhibition, presenting a variety of information concerning the Weidmoos and the LIFE project. It is also the focal point for all related events and activities.


(c) R. Lindner
An existing refuge was converted into an information centre. ...

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A discovery trail was created ...

(c) Ge. Lamprechtshausen
Opening of the observation-tower ...