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Project chronology


  • The end of peat cutting
  • First full ornithological survey commissioned by the nature conservation department of the federal state of Salzburg
  • Producing a digital colour orthochromatic photograph of the area
  • Founding of the Weidmoos Peat Renewal Association
    The Weidmoos Peat Renewal Association brings together landowners, people with rights of use (hunters), representatives of the communes involved and interested local people, with the aim of working together to conserve and develop the landscape and wildlife of the Weidmoos
  • Purchase of 80 ha of moorland for nature conservation
    A mitigation measure in connection with the building of the stadium in Salzburg/Klessheim made it possible for the communes involved to purchase large parts of the former peat cutting area. An entry in the land register confirms that the land is to be used for purposes of nature conservation.
  • The Peat Renewal Association starts work on maintenance.


  • Designation as EU bird reserve
  • Purchase of machines for returning the bog to its natural state
    In 2001 the Peat Renewal Association purchased two tracked vehicles and a bog excavator from the former peat cutting company; they will be used for the planned biotope landscaping.
  • Pilot project I
    In two pilot projects (2001 and 2002) the effects of landscaping measures in the Weidmoos were tested and the success of the measures monitored.
  • Surveying with Laserscan
    A detailed survey of the area was carried out to provide a basis for the management plan and the further landscaping of the biotope.


  • Pilot project II
  • Drawing up a management plan for the Weidmoos and its immediate surroundings


  • Start of the LIFE project “Habitat management in the SPA Weidmoos” (April)
  • Completion of the detailed plans for the dam construction works and landscaping (November)
  • Granting of woodland-related and water-related consent (December)


  • Turning the first sod – start of the first phase of construction work (July)
  • Completion of the first project folder (November)
  • Conclusion of the first construction phase (December)


  • The homepage goes online
  • Construction work for the visitor facilities
  • Opening of the visitor facilities (June)
  • Nature-day at the Weidmoos (June)
  • Begin of the Second Construction phase (August)
  • Conclusion of the Second Construction phase (December)


  • Optimisation-work on the dams
  • Optimisation of the recurring mowing work
  • Five years Bird Reserve (September)


  • Construction of the viewing tower (April)
  • Second Weidmoos-celebration - Opening ceremony of the viewing tower (Mai)
  • Presentation of the Weidmoos-film (DVD, Mai)
  • Completion of the Second project folder (September)
  • Completion of the "Layman's-report" (September)
  • Project-finalisation (October)