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Bog remnant (Photo:  R. Hofrichter)Peat cutting by hand  (Photo: Archiv Torferneuerungsverein)Lakes and Ponds (Photo: A. Ausobsky)The Weidmoos in winter (Photo: R. Hofrichter)Lakes and ponds (Photo: R. Hofrichter)

A landscape with a past

The Weidmoos is an old area of peat bog about 20 km north of the city of Salzburg, close to the boundary between Salzburg and Upper Austria in the communes of Lamprechtshausen and St. Georgen. It was originally part of an extensive bog area, but peat cutting activities have turned it into an industrial landscape.

The end of peat cutting in the year 2000, however, signalled the emergence of a fascinating new and completely different habitat. The area has become a haven for many species of birds which are now rare in Europe. Because of its variety of bird life, the Weidmoos was in 2001 designated an “EU bird reserve” (Council Directive 79/409/EEC) and became part of the European “NATURA 2000” network.

But the impact of peat cutting has been such that the Weidmoos could not simply be left to itself. After the former moor had been drained, it would have soon become an area of monotonous woodland unless action would be taken. This would have meant that many of the bird species would again have lost the home they have recently found.

Between 2003 and 2007 the LIFE project “Habitat management in the SPA Weidmoos” has taking active steps to make the habitat of these endangered bird species accessible to visitors and ensure its long-term preservation.

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