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Bog remnant (Photo:  R. Hofrichter)Peat cutting by hand  (Photo: Archiv Torferneuerungsverein)Lakes and Ponds (Photo: A. Ausobsky)The Weidmoos in winter (Photo: R. Hofrichter)Lakes and ponds (Photo: R. Hofrichter)

The Weidmoos needs help

The impact of peat cutting has been such that the Weidmoos could not simply be left to itself. After large parts of the bog have been drained, it would have turned into an area of monotonous woodland. Many of the bird species living in the Weidmoos need open wetlands with standing water. Carefully planned action had to be taken to preserve this habitat or, in some places, to recreate it.

This habitat management has been carried out by the EU-funded LIFE project. A discovery trail, information centre and viewing tower have been created for visitors, enabling people to experience the Weidmoos at first hand without disturbing the bird life.


(c) Archiv Torferneuerungsverein
Drainage ditches threaten to dry out the Weidmoos. ...

(c) A. Ausobsky
Trees threaten to overgrow the complete Weidmoos ...